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Quick Takes is where we post our short articles about investing, portfolio design, markets and risk management.

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Risk Assets Continue Their Rise

For another quarter, regardless of pandemic uncertainty, most major asset classes continued to see positive performance and produce gains. Market indexes made new highs throughout the quarter. The performance of high-quality credits reminded us that inflation concerns are broad in the market and the inordinate appetite for risk continues to grow as investors seek gains in an environment where asset valuations continued to be higher than we’ve ever seen.

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The Best Kept Investing Secret

We explain the best kept secret in investing and how this secret can help you dramatically increase the wealth you accumulate from your investments and at the same time lower the risk of your investment portfolio.

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How to Maximize Your Social Security Benefits

Deciding what age to begin claiming your Social Security benefits is one of the most important retirement decisions you will need to make. Your decision can change the amount you receive in your monthly benefits check by as much as 76%!

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The Agony and Ecstasy of Great Investing

Most people would jump at the opportunity to improve the long-term performance of their investment portfolio by 20%, 30% and maybe even more than 50%. The good news is this type of performance improvement from your investment portfolio is possible and does not require picking the best mutual funds or finding the next hot stock.

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Mutual Funds Are Not A Good Investment

Nearly half of American households invest in mutual funds. However, popularity doesn’t equate to quality – investing in mutual funds can be a poor investment strategy. If you own mutual funds, you may be surprised to hear our reasons why mutual funds are not a good investment.

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