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Episode 5: The Agony and Ecstasy – But Mainly Agony of Great Investing

Dan Irvine
Principal, 3Summit Investment, Management, LLC
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Note: If you would prefer the print version click here to read Investing Insights: The Agony and Ecstasy of Great Investing.

Would you like to have the opportunity to improve your long-term investment performance by 20%, 30% and maybe even more than 50%? This magnitude of performance improvement is possible and how it can be achieved has absolutely nothing to do with picking better investments or finding the next hot stock. These gains in investment performance can be realized in the difference between being an ordinary investor and a GREAT investor.

Join Dan as he discusses the secret to becoming a great investor and turning ordinary investing results into great investing results.

Show Notes

Additional Resources:

If you are interested in better understanding low-risk investing, I would recommend that you click here to listen to Episode 3 of our podcast on how low risk investing works or click here to read the print version.

Reference Charts and Tables

Chart 1: Hypothetical Portfolio Growth Chart

Source:, S&P 500, 3Summit

Table 1: Investor Emotional Pain Analysis

Source:, S&P 500, 3Summit

Chart 2: Annual Maximum Portfolio Losses

Source:, S&P 500, 3Summit

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