Welcome to Investing Insights for the Modern Investor, a quarterly podcast to help you become a better investor so that you can grow and protect your wealth.
I cover investment topics including portfolio design, cutting edge investment strategies, risk management, personal finance and any topic relevant to creating better long-term investing results.
This podcast is a companion to the 3Summit Investment Management quarterly Investing Insight Newsletter.

Latest Podcast Episode

In The SPAC Shell Game – Don’t Be The Sucker

SPACs are exhibit A in information asymmetry between Wall Street and retail investors. To level the information playing field we are going to explain what SPACs are, how they work and why any investor considering buying SPAC shares should proceed with extreme caution.

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Podcast Episode Archive

Episode 12: Stock Valuations Are Sky High – What Comes Next?

Investors are facing economic conditions that have not been seen for 40 years. This quarter, we will examine how to measure and evaluate stock market valuations and then identify the driving economic forces responsible for their rise to such significant levels. Finally, we will discuss the economic mechanisms that pull valuations back towards their mean, what indicators investors should be monitoring and what those indicators may foreshadow for stock prices and valuations going forward.

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Episode 11: GameStop – A Financial Battle to the Death and What It Foreshadows

Investing Insights for the Modern Investor · Episode 11: GameStop – A Financial Battle to the Death and What it Foreshadows Click Here if you prefer the print version. Subscribe on iTunes Some traders are making millions or tens of millions of dollars on their GameStop holdings, while several hedge funds are losing billions of dollars. A huge number of small retail traders have been taking it to the billion-dollar hedge funds that have large short positions in GameStop, and these retail traders are a vicious pack out for blood. This zero-sum battle between small retail investors taking long positions

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Episode 8: Conventional Diversification Fails…Again

Conventional diversification is a useful risk management tool, however its tendency to fail when it is needed most is rarely understood or acknowledged within the investment management industry. We explore conventional diversification, how it works and why it frequently fails at the time of greatest need.

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Episode 4: Are Mutual Funds A Good Investment? Spoiler Alert: No

In this episode I discuss why I believe Mutual Funds are bad investments in general. Mutual funds are the sacred cow of the largest investment firms, believe me, I do not make any friends among investing peers when talking about this topic. However, I have always believed that investment decisions should not be driven by the status quo within the industry, but that any investment approach should be able to stand up to the rigors of evidence-based analysis.

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Episode 3 : High Returns From Low Risk

Fair warning, I am confident the topic I will cover today will blow your mind and hopefully cause you to question much of what you have learned about investing. I am being perfectly serious. What I am about to show you, flips the common investing wisdom upside-down. The concepts I lay out in this Investing Insight are at the foundation of my investing philosophy and the driving force behind 3Summit’s innovations in portfolio design and management. I hope the investing secrets I am going to share with you today inspire and inform your investing process as much as they have mine.

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