Why Trust Us To Help You Manage Your Assets

You Deserve An Investment Manager Who Earns Your Trust

3Summit was founded on the simple belief that trust cannot be earned through talking points or service features. We believe trust can only be earned by structuring an investment management firm to only have one incentive, to act exclusively in your best interest. We structured 3Summit to be accountable to our clients and to make that commitment easily verifiable.

Answers To Important Questions Of Trust

Is 3Summit Investment Management a Fiduciary?


We believe even if you choose not to partner with us that any investment manager you chose to hire should be a fiduciary.

Does 3Summit sign a fiduciary pledge?

Is 3Summit a fee-only investment manager?


Our only source of revenue is the management fee we charge our clients. We have no financial incentive to buy specific securities for our clients or sell other financial products like insurance. Our interests are aligned directly with your interests because our only incentive is your investing success.

Does 3Summit enter into fee sharing agreements or receive any compensation from investment product providers?


We believe fee sharing agreements are a direct conflict of interest between an investment manager and their client. Fee sharing agreements provide investment managers an incentive to invest in financial products that may not be in a client’s best interest. Also, fee sharing agreements are usually poorly disclosed as are the fees the investment manager receives from the agreements. 

Does 3Summit sell insurance products?


At a client’s request, as a trusted advisor, we do provide advice to help understand, review or make insurance buying decisions, but only as an unbiased third-party looking out for our client’s best interest. We receive no compensation from insurance companies or insurance brokers. 

Is 3Summit affiliated with any other investment management firm, insurance company or financial product provider?


We are an independent firm beholden to no other interests but our clients’.

Will I understand the fees I pay to 3Summit?


We fully disclose our fees and provide detailed invoices for fees paid.

Does 3Summit help me understand the other expenses I have paid, even if they are not paid to 3Summit?


We help clients understand all the expenses they incur in their portfolio. We aggressively manage the expenses our client’s pay, our portfolios are designed to be low cost.

How does 3Summit protect me from fraud?

3Summit does not take custody of your assets.  Your assets are held by a reputable custodian and 3Summit only has the ability to make trades in your account and charge the agreed upon management fee on a quarterly basis.

Does the Principal of 3Summit invest his assets alongside clients using the same processes and strategies?


Does 3Summit provide direct access to the investment decision maker?


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