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We share our research and investment philosophy quarterly with clients and the investing public through Investing Insights. I write about topics related to investment strategy, portfolio design, risk management and general investing topics. If you prefer a different format you may also access this content through our podcast called Investing Insights for the Modern Investor

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Latest Investing Insight

Riding Big Waves to Big Returns

Something is wrong with the S&P 500 Index. Risk is very high for U.S. stock investors. In this episode we break down the risk and opportunities for stock investors and provide strategies for navigating this risky market.

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Investing Insights Archive

Conventional Diversification Fails…Again

Conventional diversification is a useful risk management tool, however its tendency to fail when it is needed most is rarely understood or acknowledged within the investment management industry. We explore conventional diversification, how it works and why it frequently fails at the time of greatest need.

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Are Mutual Funds A Good Investment?

In this quarter’s Investing Insight, I discuss why I believe Mutual Funds are bad investments in general. Mutual funds are the sacred cow of the largest investment firms, believe me, I do not make any friends among investing peers when talking about this topic. However, I have always believed that investment decisions should not be driven by the status quo within the industry, but that any investment approach should be able to stand up to the rigors of evidence-based analysis.

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High Returns From Low Risk

Fair warning, I am confident the topic I will cover today will blow your mind and hopefully cause you to question much of what you have learned about investing. I am being perfectly serious. What I am about to show you, flips the common investing wisdom upside-down. The concepts I lay out in this Investing Insight are at the foundation of my investing philosophy and the driving force behind 3Summit’s innovations in portfolio design and management. I hope the investing secrets I am going to share with you today inspire and inform your investing process as much as they have mine.

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Trend Following – The Trend Is Your Friend

Trend Following is a powerful investment strategy that is not only capable of outperforming over the long-term but is also a risk management tool. Learn why Trend Following is a strategy that should be included in any well structured investment portfolio.

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Diversified Portfolios – A Common Source Of Investor Displeasure

Properly diversified portfolios are at their best during periods of high volatility and market uncertainty. Despite the numerous positive aspects of taking a diversified approach to investing, it can be a major source of investor frustration. Expectations are everything, it is important to have realistic expectations for diversified portfolios by understanding how they are designed to behave during varied market conditions.

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